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Body Repair

Body Repair

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Essential repairing lotion provides a completely new dimension in skin health by signaling a natural repair that helps prevent signs of photoaging from surfacing. Use daily and liberally, whether skin has been sun-exposed or not. BODY REPAIR delivers ultra-skin-defending DNA repair enzymes and antioxidants for all skin types, even the most sensitive.


For all skin types.


  • Protect, nourish and repair skin in nourishing Copper micronutrients, reverse damage to cells with DNA repairing Endosomes and fight oxidative stress.
    • A recent study showed that the damaging photo-products responsible for cancer-causing mutations in skin cells continue to be generated for up to 6 hours after sunlight exposure. The key target of this delayed damage is melanin, a pigment thought to protect against cancer. Scientists believe it is caused by “chemiexcitation” and the energy it generates is then transferred to DNA, inducing the same damage as ultraviolet light, but in the dark.


    Rich Lotion

    Size: 8.5 fl. oz

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